Guilty As Charged

I'm feeling guilty:

1. For thinking CNN reporter Jason Bellini is teh hawt. As someone said to me yesterday, "It's ok, he's not that bad."

2. For being tempted by the cookies from Cookie It Up every time I go down to the kitchen.

3. For liking Mandy Moore's song "Only Hope" so much that I went out and bought the sheet music. I think I can sing it better than her though, and I'm willing to bet she isn't playing the piano herself on the recording and I can do both at the same time. I rock!

Alien abduction and identity theft…

well, I got a letter from my student loan servicer, to tell me about a piece of their equipment. It’s been lost or stolen. I’m thinking “yeah, so?” and I get further down and they mention that the equipment missing is a computer, with my information on it. My social security number, other information about me, the amount of my loans, etc. Well, shit.

I’m putting a fraud alert on my file, and tracking my credit report for awhile.

But the good news is, I was never abducted by aliens. Unfortunately, my cousin was. She doesn’t talk about whether she had a good time or not, but she did have the cutest little alien