Count again

1. What kind of comics do you like? Sunday/daily funnies? Comic books? Graphic novels? Why?

I like the newspaper funnies, but unfortunately they are a daily pleasure that don't last long enough. Collections are better but I can still polish off a book in under an hour.

2. What is your earliest memory of reading or seeing comics? What character was your favorite as a child? Describe any memories of playing and/or dressing up as your favorite comic character!

I have vauge memories of making my mom read me a cartoon called Herman when I was about 3-4 and laughing my ass off, but I'm sure I didn't understand the jokes.

3. What comic titles do you enjoy now? Why? Which one(s) do you despise? Why? What comic are you absolutely dedicated to reading daily/weekly/monthly?

For Better or For Worse, Sherman's Lagoon, Adam Home, Mutts. I Mutts! I read all the comics in the paper, although those are my favourites. I even read Marmaduke, which is SO not funny, and The Dinette Set, which pokes fun at rednecks.

4. Who is your favorite comic character now as an adult? Why? Did your attitude toward this character change from the first time you read/saw him/her? Why or why not?

My favourites are Earl and Mooch from Mutts. They are SO sweet!

5. Are comic books and graphic novels a valid form a literature? Why or why not?

Sure they are! I consider magazines and romance novels to be valid literature as well, so why not comics?